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Be part of an amazing Vacation in 2024!
Croatia and Mauritius will host the 2024 Vacations and with these luxurious destination options you will experience a vacation like no other......start your Qualification TODAY!


For every first-line non-TAB AWT 2023 qualifier, you will receive ‘1 Star’ towards.

Rewards will be tiered according to the number of Stars you get.


1 Vacation Point = 1 Total Volume Point (TVP)

Vacation Bonus Points: You may earn 3,000 Vacation Bonus Points for every brand-new SP achieving a minimum of 2,500 TVP accumulated over 3 consecutive months during the Qualification Period. Brand new SP will be counted up to 3 levels deep, and blocking rules apply (please refer to the blocking rules section).

In order to count as Bonus Points, brand New FQS status dates are from 1st Feb 2023 through to 1st January 2024 (January to December 2023 VM). Temp 50% orders will be counted towards the TVP target. Your TAB Team pathway will be determined by the status that you have as of 1st October 2022.

For New GET, Members can achieve New GET between October 2022 VM to December 2023 VM.


The more you achieve better experience you will have!


The final Vacation Bonus Points and AWT Stars will be determined at the end of the Qualification Period after December 2023 VM

Qualification Period: January 2023 - December 2024