Herbalife Honors March 2018

Mar 23, 2018 - Mar 26, 2018


Set your sights for the ultimate leadership worldwide event of the year!

Start qualifying today and track your progress to join us for the highest level Herbalife Honors 2018 at the very heart of Herbalife, Los Angeles California.
This must-attend event will bring together purpose driven leaders from all regions for four days of dynamic trainings, spectacular events, recognition and unforgettable Mark Hughes Bonus Awards Night in the vibrant downtown Los Angeles, California.
Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of:

  • the exciting world of your Herbalife headquarters
  • walk amongst the Herbalife legends!
  • experience the Innovation
  • live and be part of the ultimate Herbalife Hollywood experience!
We are very much looking forward to this exclusive Herbalife Honors 2018 event where we can celebrate you and your colleagues, who truly exemplify our “Distributor Difference.” 
Follow your progress and we will see you in Los Angeles - together let’s make the world healthier and happier!
Note: You must qualify for the event in order to purchase a ticket.


Event Guidelines
  • Qualifiers must be in good standing with Herbalife.
  • Distributors who qualify for this event may not bring any non-qualified Distributors or paying participants as guests. Only qualified Distributors are allowed to attend this event.
  • Herbalife reserves the right to reverify and revalidate Distributor qualifications and eligibility up to and including the days of the event.
  • Passports, visas, proofs of citizenship, expiration dates of passports and all other travel documents required for entry/travel to the event destination are the sole responsibilities of the qualified Distributors and not Herbalife.

Reward Guidelines
  • Qualified Distributors must register for and attend the Herbalife Honors 2018 event to receive their Rewards.
  • Leadership Activity Recognition Qualifiers must attend L.A. Live experience to receive the hotel voucher
  • All Rewards will be paid out after the event once event attendance is confirmed. Rewards payouts will be made in local currency via Royalty Overrides payment in the same manner that Royalty earnings and Production Bonuses are paid out, per any existing agreement.
  • Distributors are solely responsible for any and all taxes associated with the rewards.
  • Qualifications are based on the achievements of the individual Distributorship. Divorced Distributors with split IDs may combine 100% of the Volume from the original ID (joint), plus 100% of the volume on their “new” (individual) ID.
  • Founder’s Circle and Chairman’s Club are not eligible for STARS Experience, Leadership Activity Recognition and Travel Rewards.

Note: All promotion elements, interpretation of rules, and substitution, modification, or withdrawal of any promotion element are at the sole discretion of Herbalife. Interpretation of guidelines by Herbalife is final.

Additional Information

Mark Hughes Bonus Recipients Travel Qualification and Reward:
  • Mark Hughes Bonus recipients who attend the event will qualify to receive $750 in Travel Rewards.**

*Leadership Activity Recognition, Downline Blocking applies. See Guidelines and Blocking rules on page 2
**All Rewards amounts are stated in US dollars.
†Specific activities subject to change.
‡Volume requirements vary by region, country and month or qualification period.